May 23rd, 2007 by timbotron

This LOL Cat stuff is haunting. Galleries upon galleries of cat photos with quotes that are a combination of haxor vocabulary with the grammar of Bizarro Superman. For six months I’ve been torn between thinking they’re funny and wanting to hate them. Someone has already gone off the map and created a LOL Star Trek episode. I wanted to do an experiment: to use this for good (or at least something cooler than kittens and Klingons) and to see if an entire movie could be re-written this way. Here are the results.
Here is my LOLebowski.
Entitled “Teh Big Lebowksi.”
[click on image for gigantor size]

(this is what happens when you have a wife who hogs the TV for 3 hours a night – pathetic art projects emerge)

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5 Responses to “LOLebowski”

  1. WhyDoesItBurnWhenIPee Says:

    English, motherfucker… do you speak it?

  2. Reina del Queso Says:

    So I am trying to pinpoint when exactly my brother was replaced with a japanese teenager but I think it was somewhere around 1998.

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