Urban Non-Legend: In-N-Out Burger

July 4th, 2007 by timbotron

In-N-Out Burger is the most secretive of the American fast food chains – the Freemasons of the burger world. For starters: no, they are not run by the Mormons (as my wife insists). But yes, during the 1980’s (when Rich Snyder was company president) they began printing discreet Bible references on their food packaging. I happened to go to an In-N-Out Burger today, here are photos of the bottoms of two drink cups and a burger wrapper:

Burger WrappersRevelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with Me.” (cool . . . it relates to eating)

Beverage CupsJohn 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (not so food related, unless you’re talking about cholesterol)

Milkshake CupsProverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (perhaps suggesting we don’t open up the burger and look at it, but just eat it)

And yes, there is a secret menu. Ordering a “Flying Dutchman” (which is not on the regular menu) will get you two meat patties with two slices of melted cheese, and nothing else on it. Ordering “Protein Style” will get you a burger with lettuce and no bun.

The coolest: a “20 by 20” – 20 beef patties with 20 slices of cheese.

[Update 7/21/07]: Will at What Up Willy just sent us a link to an In-N-Out legend come true: a “100 by 100” ordered in Las Vegas in 2004. It’s amazing. Link. Thanks Will!

[Update 7/23/07]: ElDestroyo sent us a link to his roommate’s “26 by 26” experiment. Thanks ElDestroyo – sorry if you had to share a bathroom with him.

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47 Responses to “Urban Non-Legend: In-N-Out Burger”

  1. Heywood Says:

    I love In-N-Out. A few years ago, my friend Morgan ate a 15×15, and then brought them back the box it came in to ask if they gave free refills. When they said no, he insisted that we go to McDonalds so he could get a McFlurry too. I’ll see if I can find and post the video I shot of this; it truly was amazing…

  2. Oscar Says:

    Wow, never knew that about the In-and-Out! You must have ordered the Animal style burger, or your fries animal style. Covered in cheese and their special sauce. Delicious.

  3. Aris Says:



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  6. muddin Says:

    Those are great. I had never noticed the Bible versus’ before

  7. TiE23 Says:

    Dude. I can’t believe that more people don’t know about this. I figured this out when I was like 7- too young to even know what these stood for. And if anyone believes this is a way for In-n-Out to push religion on their customers is seriously mental.

  8. master Says:

    just a friendly heads up, but they stop at four by fours now, mainly due to people getting 100×100s and the result being disgusting.

  9. SoCal Says:

    I thought everyone that is a regular at in-in-out knows about the 3:16 on the bottom of the cups. They also have a University that the cooks go to learn how they should prepair the foods.

  10. DOOMbudgie Says:

    Um, this is kind of old news…. They’re been doing this since they opened. (the scripture, can’t attest to how long the “secret ‘ menu’s been around – but they have a grilled cheese meal, too, for all you veggies)

  11. Joshua giese Says:

    there are also verses on the bottom of the fry tubs. another secret menu item is the wish burger for people vegeterians. its a burger without the meat. you can also order a grilled cheese.

  12. Mr Car Parts Says:

    that is a big burger

  13. John’s Place » Praise the Lord, and Pass the French Fries! Says:

    [...] just finished reading a blog entry about a fast food chain in the U.S. that prints bible verse references in its food packaging, at [...]

  14. MC Says:

    I’ll have a side of fries.. Animal style!

  15. 10668844 Says:

    Someone should make a documentary about the weird sub culture that seems to be this easting establishment.

  16. bryan Says:

    I usually eat an In-and-Out meal when I’m in California and I’ve noticed the bible verses on the packaging. When I finish my meal, I throw the packaging in the rubbish bin.

  17. Mungo Says:

    Where can I find an In and Out Burger in Canada – I live in Toronto! I only know it from the lewd reference in the movie Fargo…

    Please!!! I want a burger!!!


  18. Netmonger Says:

    First its ridiculous that an organization feels it needs to print fairy tale nonsense on its paper utensils – what? Is this some pathetic attempt to lure more idiots into a cult?

    Second, who in their right mind would eat a double, much less a 4×4, 10×10, or 100×100?!? Hello -75% of the adult population is going to be obese by 2015! There’s nothing respectable about being fat.

    Fat people are disgusting to look at much less socialize with. I get upset that I have to even see them in public. It makes me sick.

    Third, does anyone realize how bad eating meat is for the environment? Im not a vegan, but I dont think people should be eating meals like this once/day much less 3 times a day.

    Take a look at http://www.pbjcampaign.org/

    you’ll be surprised..

  19. moneyman Says:

    Flying dutchman and protein style are cool ideas, but I don’t think anyone orders that. Getting hamburgers animal style is the way to do it. They don’t charge you any more but they grill the onions, put some more sauce on, and toast the buns or something. All I know is it’s good.

    You can also get fries animal style. It costs a little more, but they put like cheese and sauce on your fries. Don’t bother with it. Just makes your fries soggy.

    Here’s more secret menu items: http://www.tiburon-belvedere.com/cgi/home.cgi?c=In_N_Out

  20. Rodger Says:

    Here is the “secret” menu from their website:


    I have known about the bible verses for a very long time. They are a privately held company that chooses to share the Word of God in a very unique way.

  21. Sean Says:

    Another secret menu item is “animal style”, which you can order on the burgers and fries, it’s basically extra grilled onions and pickles and cheese, and their secret sauce.

  22. Lin Says:

    Hey – nobody complains about the stuff Starbucks writes on their coffee cups. Get over it. It’s a free country and you don’t have to eat there! Yep, it’s a subculture alright, one for Californians who love real food. In and Out is delicious, fresh and fast. And the Bible verses make it even better.

  23. Voteboob Says:

    I don’t like my fast food mixed with religion. It’s kind of like mixing feminism with porn; it just doesn’t work.

  24. Josh Says:

    I didn’t realize the verse references was a big secret. Everyone I know seems well aware of them. Didn’t Schlosser mention that in his bit about In-N-Out in Fast Food Nation?

    My personal recommendation is asking for your fries well done. If you like them a little crispier, it’s the way to go.

  25. Gary Says:

    The Bible verse is something In-N-Out did from the start. I believe I heard the company was founded by a Christian. They had stopped doing it for awhile. I am glad to see they have started it again.

  26. Dave Hall Says:

    Up here in Spokane, WA there are no In-and -outs. I guess we are in the third world. We do have a locally owned burger place that once added something called a 4X4 to its menu and was immediately threatened with a lawsuit by In-and-Out. I guess they did it just in case they ever did open one here, then no one would ever confuse a local burger joint with a Californicated corporate chain “restaurant.”

  27. sandman Says:

    …or order your fries animal style. Even better. :)

  28. Yavar Says:

    re: [ John 3:16 ]

    Soda refills better be free at the In-n-Out…

  29. strategic intelligence Says:

    Think I heard Art Bell talking of this.
    Maybe it is ufo’s from outer space trying to control us !
    How come Jesus went to the temple and complained about the extravagence of the temple – and yet these people and the churches whole campaign about raising money and building churches.
    How much money have these people raised to help the homeless without chains and attachments or directed to actually help these peopel without strings attached or building a major monument to themselves ?

  30. eldestroyo Says:


    …my roommate and buddy ate a 26×26. here is the article…may god help him.

  31. cyber_babe Says:

    yeah k, i’ve eaten a 30 x 30 so ha ha ha!

  32. Web 2.0 Announcer Says:

    Pictures: Hidden Bible Reference in In-N-Out Food Wrappers and Cups…

    [...]If you live in California, you?ve probably eaten at the insanely popular In-N-Out burger chain. But did you ever notice that they print discreet Bible references on their cups and wrappers?[...]…

  33. laurin Says:

    i saw a bible verse reference on the bottom of a gadzooks bag a couple years ago. i didn’t look it up, but i’m sure it has nothing to do with shopping.

  34. schizocreativegirl Says:

    netmonger, you sure make nonbelievers sound horrible by attacking those with Christian beliefs…you don’t need to put good people down.

    I have only noticed the reference on the regular drinking cups. Thanks for pointing out the others!

  35. Pictures: Hidden Bible Reference in In-N-Out Food Wrappers and Cups « Food Weblog Says:

    [...] read more | digg story [...]

  36. Flober Says:

    I’m hungry. I’m gonna go get a 4×4 after I shit.

  37. Pictures: Hidden Bible Reference in In-N-Out Food Wrappers and Cups at boundbystars dot com Says:

    [...] chain. But did you ever notice that they print discreet Bible references on their cups and wrappers?read more | digg [...]

  38. Pictures: Hidden Bible Reference in In-N-Out Food Wrappers and Cups « Kids Furniture Says:

    [...] read more | digg story [...]


    thank you, man

  40. Windpaw Says:

    Well Now I wont go to a In and Out place anymore. Since they posting that stuff.

    Im a Wiccan and I just find that stuff Offensive.

  41. G Says:

    Also ordering Animal style is tasty :D

  42. Trollingking Says:

    I left SoCal in the summer of ‘68 for the east coast, 2 biggest things I missed are the beaches and the double double. No one can compare with In-N-Out! You can leave all the rest because they are the best of the best!

  43. hody Says:

    i think im cool but im not!

  44. Mike Says:

    Order a ‘Dutch Rudder’ next time. Something about two hot dogs.

  45. Kylie Says:

    Personally I thought In-N-Out was one of the worst places I’ve ever eaten. I think the only people who like it must be those that grew up eating it. We were visiting with distant cousins once and they insisted on going there, on Christmas Eve. Everything I tasted was disgusting including the french fries; I had to force it all down because I didn’t want to offend the cousins. A few months later, we were with a friend who suggested we go to a different location. We decided to give it a try, thinking that maybe the food had been poorly prepared our first time because it had been Christmas Eve and they had the worst/newest people working. But we had an almost identical experience at the second In-N-Out location, except that I only ate half of it this time. You couldn’t pay me to eat there again!

  46. D Says:

    Wow! All of the sudden everyone is a “Tom Hanks”. These are simple bilble references. No codes or cults.

    What the hell has happened to this country?

  47. Debbie Says:

    We went thru an In-N-Out burger(love those burgers), and asked the people at the drive thru window what did John 3:16 mean on the bottom of the drink cup, and the response was “I have no idea”! Does it matter who owns them? They are extremly polite, clean cut kids that speak English! The burgers are so fresh and delicious! I will continue to go!

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