DIY: Jail Cake

July 23rd, 2007 by timbotron

Last year a friend of mine went to jail for 3 weeks (though he forgot about a traffic ticket, the County of San Mateo did not). What do you give someone who is going to jail? Hallmark doesn’t make cards for this sort of thing.

I baked him a cake with a hacksaw in it (baking a cake like this isn’t girly – it’s manly because you’re baking with tools).

You will need:
•Cheap cakemix (preferably one that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients)
•A hacksaw (any cake-sized kind will do)
•Frosting (pre-made canned ones are easiest)
•An oven
•A deep (non-stick) baking pan
•A friend going to jail
•A pathetic amount of free time on your hands

How to do it:
1 – Mix-up the cake mix, pour it into 1 or 2 deep baking pans (you want to make 2 rectangular cakes approx 2-3″ thick and big enough to cover-up a hacksaw), bake the cakes according to instructions.
2 – Drink a beer. Eat leftover cakebatter while the cake is baking.
3 – When the sheets of cake are cool, remove from pans, place one of the cake slabs on a platter or piece of cardboard (this one will be the bottom layer).
4 – Place hacksaw on top of the cake slab (the one on the platter), frost the top of this cake slab (frost with the hacksaw on it).
5 – Place the other “top” cake slab on top of the frosted hacksaw-cake mess, the frosting on the bottom cake slab will make the two slabs stick together with the hacksaw in the middle.
6 – Frost the outside of the cake-hacksaw-cake sandwich. Decorate as you see fit. Menthol cigarettes or sharpened toothbrushes are a nice touch.

Hacksaw cake detail.

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  1. Isabel Says:

    Let me guess? Was it T****s that went to jail???? Very cool idea……. a la “file in the hot dog” as in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

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