The Blogadilla Swedish Furniture Name Generator

May 11th, 2008 by timbotron

This is the kind of stuff you dream up while waiting around in IKEA for 2 hours.

Enter your first name and it will create your Swedish furniture name.

Click on the link for a printable version.

(note: This is not intended to portray actual Swedish language in any way, so please don’t freak out if you’re Swedish. Yeah, we get it, it’s not actually Swedish. We know.)

(Also: This name generator has no relationship to the IKEA housewares company. Any similarities are purely coincidental or are for satirical purposes. We love IKEA.)

Bonus Round: The Blogadilla Action Hero Name Generator

(©2008; assembled/generated by Steve B., designed by Tim)

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174 Responses to “The Blogadilla Swedish Furniture Name Generator”

  1. Heywood Says:

    I am JÅNDÖRD, a magical desk from Sweden!

  2. timbotron Says:

    TIMKE – the comfortable and affordable bed

  3. Eva Says:

    how come every time i type in someone’s name who i’ve slept with, a bed comes up? are you calling me a slut?

  4. Cindi Says:

    I am SINTI, and I appear to be a chest of drawers.

  5. Allison Says:

    I’m ÄLLYSVÖNYN. I think I’ll change my name again.

  6. Anthrodiva Says:

    Sysanvik, the everyday necessary chest of drawers. I come in birch foil, aspen, or walnut finish…

  7. Says:

    Now your Swedish Furniture Name Generator has a link in (Free Tools ==> Online Generators section)


  8. MikeR Says:

    Nice. Our hats are off to you.

    More generator goodness here:

  9. jose Says:

    Es estupendo, soy una mesa…

  10. joerg Says:

    Haha, my name doesn’t change at all. Seems like I AM swedish furniture already.

  11. Kati Says:

    I am KÃ…TÄRINN some kind of weird cupboard…

  12. xq Says:

    AWESOME…or rather, ÄUESÃ…MM!

  13. Greg or...Greg? Says:

    Greg turns into Greg. I’m not Swedish! Nor is the name Greg!

  14. Caram Says:

    Gorgeous! I got turned into KÃ…RÄMKE, a sturdy piece of bedroom furniture holding pants! Friends and relations are currently trying it out and getting posted! You’ll find them all on my blog

  15. Cat Says:

    My name is KÃ…T, and that’s Swedish for horny. Well maybe that’s true.

  16. Caram Says:

    how come you get different results for typing in the same name in upper and lower cases? I got turned into a chest of drawers, the a bed, I was a table somewhere in between… I am the swiss knife of swedish furniture!

  17. hillel_w Says:

    Desk, here. Wanna see my drawers?

  18. ASPVIK Says:

    ASPVIK is a file cabinet, but Blogdilla wants me to be a bed.

  19. Kim Jong Il Says:

    Lol very funny. Makes you wonder what the hell we Swedes really sound like to others.

  20. Rasmus Says:

    Hehe, mine didn’t change much either – maybe it’s because I’m Danish ;-)

  21. Reece Says:

    I’m Reess the bed!

  22. Jan Says:

    Svaniss – a bed, an inflatable bed, I believe, but one with a long, slow leak…s-v-a-a-a-n-i-s-s-s-s-s-s

  23. Facetious Student Says:

    FJAKETIÃ…US and I’m a bed. Typical.

  24. candi-teal chic Says:

    I agree with Eva…why am I a bed lol? I love the way my name is spelled “kantass” i might have to change it :)

  25. Giulia Says:

    My name is Giulia and my furniture piece appers to be GIULLI, a squared four-leg table!

  26. R Says:

    how cool! I did my boyfriend’s name, Bob, and it came up BJOB

  27. Enver Says:

    This website is like being in a ballon race from Tirana, Albania all the way to Stockholm, Sweden!

    My name came up as ENNFÖRD – cool, dude!

  28. Henning Says:

    Hi there,
    i would like to make a myspace app out of this awesome littel tool! I did already some developing stuff and tested this app on my myspace developing plattform and tt works great! I would like to make this widget also in German.

    Maybe i can send over some screenshots.

    Maybe we could work together and i can translate this tool to the german language.



    This is quite funny hmm? Greetings from BLLÖGBJEYTEL ^^

  30. pare Says:

    I like that. Thank you says SÄSKKA :)

  31. Karsten Says:


    that is very funny!
    In fact, I once found a chair (or small table, I don’t quite rember) named after me: Karsten

  32. Greet Says:

    Greet -> Greet. Boring :P

  33. JASJÖNYN Says:

    JASJÖNYN I guess I’m a uncomfortable wooden chair

  34. Tommaso Labranca Says:

    I’m TOMMÄSVO! A chair. Hope I will be easier to assemble than some black chairs I bought last year and I fought with for a whole week.
    I linked you in my blog

  35. Roger Says:

    I am ROGÖRD – a pretty cool looking bed

  36. Wautsi! Says:

    All right! Now my blog is called WÃ…TSY!

    Sounds more like Russian than Swedish :)

  37. Marika Says:

    Marika = Marika :(

  38. J. L. T. Says:

    Very funny,
    greetings from JÃ…NNINÃ…N

  39. marilou Says:

    im MÅRILLÖU, uhm ok..

  40. olga Says:

    it’s Ã…LLGA.. hehe, funny

  41. Daniel Says:

    Probably not as funny for a swede like myself but it’s not all bad, even if I don’t understand anything this thing has come up with.

    Ha det bra allihop!

  42. Zana Says:

    I am Sfanna, a desk drawer !

  43. Wortman Says:

    WORTMANVIK and a chair :)

  44. JAMES BOND Says:

    My name is BJÃ…NND, SVAMES BJÃ…NND …

  45. Gerhild Says:

    Boring as well my name: Gerhild= Gerhilld und ich bin ein Kastel mit Laden, faaaaaaad. :-(

  46. Divez Says:


  47. Immo Says:

    toll, aus Immo macht er Immo :-(

  48. kopfchaos Says:

    ….. meine wenigkeit scheint eine sitzgelegenheit namens “KOPFSSAOS ” zu sein…..

  49. Isolde Says:

    I think it is a really funny way of bringing IKEA in the spotlight… still I wish it was real products… ;-)

  50. rwp80 Says:

    God is a chest of drawers, according to Ikea.

  51. Sara Says:

    SÃ¥rke, just a desk.

  52. Ikea Man Says:

    Nice names, but the pictures are just randomly generated. When you enter your name several times, you always get several pictures and not just one.

  53. Attila0375 Says:

    BJYLLEMÖNNT – The best chairs in the world !

  54. Ben Butler Says:

    Seriously, this is awesome. Make a Facebook version – sell it to Ingmar!

  55. clarita Says:

    I’m Klaryta… a double bed…

  56. Rick Says:

    Ok, so formally (Richard) I’m a table and informally (Rick) I’m a bed – what does THAT mean?

  57. Sonny Says:

    I don’t know how accurate it is, but it sure is hilarious.

  58. Hans Says:

    well. some girls don’t even try Joachim :-(
    Hans is in the contrary very weird (that’s if you get stuck with the pré-last letter; then you’ll be “neuriën” (= a Dutch word).

  59. feketefene Says:


    nice… i am a chair: FJEKETEFENN

    :) )

  60. jaegermeister Says:

    SVAEGERMEYSJTERD…seems complex for a dresser. LOL!

  61. Sofia Says:

    I´m from Sweden and my name is Sofia. When I put in my name I get: Söfi
    I don´t get this…..

  62. Jasmine Says:

    ‘Jasmine’ in IKEA/Swedish-speak apparently translates to ‘SVASJMING…”???

  63. Sandor from Hungary Says:

    I am a bed, a table with drawers, chair and so on. Beware, we are THE IKEA! Shoot, is this some kind of mystic illusion? I am not myself, oh my God, wake me up! XD

  64. teresa Says:

    i’m TERESA which is TERESA and all chesty with a nice set of drawyers……

  65. Sleepless Travels Reloaded / Ikea name generator Says:

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  66. Helena at Says:

    Oh what a shame that I’m Swedish, my name sounds and lokks exaktly the same. But a loved to try Elvis. Elfis, in Swedish fis means fart.

  67. Batinng Suit Plakes Says:

    [...] fanatic, but Lapster and I always laugh about the names of their furniture – always very Swedish!  Blogadilla has a good IKEA Name Generator that may give us a sneak peak into the process. . [...]

  68. TT Says:


  69. Egyéves Önkéntes Says:

    SFUNII !! (for those who do not speak IKEA: funny)!

  70. Marji Says:

    What great tongue-in-cheek! My family is Swedish; my name and my daughter’s are not but our furniture names are the same. My son Tor’s name is Swedish but comes up “Tard”….??

  71. timbotron Says:

    I mean . . . um . . . sorry, we didn’t design it to do that.
    : )

  72. Andreas Says:

    muahahaha – great thing. I’m just a commode :-)

  73. funnygirl Says:

    +100. Respect. ;)

  74. Fiona Says:

    SFIÖNA. I’m a bed – come and get it, guys!

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  77. john Says:

    i be SVÅNDÖRD and apparently i am a minimalist chair

  78. Gotinha Says:

    I’m a bedside table.
    Greetings from Portugal.

  79. Dawn Says:

    Daundord thinks you guys should have more furniture more representative of people, like a DOORMAT, KNIFE, WINE GLASS, yadda yadda.

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  87. contract Says:

    Yea i will follow this.

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  94. Gitte Joensen Says:

    I love this. But i became a chest of drawers – come on… my legs are not that big. Thanks for a wonderfull laugh…

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  98. Linda Says:

    you type in F*** You and its SFUKK YÃ…U which happens to be a bed.

  99. Kontaktmannen Says:

    Well. Say hello to FJREDDRYK, the chair. Maybe not incredibly funny because I know that one or two Ikea items already wear my name.

    Men lite kul var det i alla fall.

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    [...] [...]

  101. MIKKÃ…EL Says:

    I’m MIKKÃ…EL the IKEA double bed. Lie back on me and catch some winks. ;-)

  102. FurnitureQuest Says:

    Now that is funny…and well worth passing on to our IKEA nut friends. Thanks!

  103. veglien Says:

    Det här var inte kul! not funny man!!!

  104. Me Says:


  105. Gavind Says:

    I keep turning up as a cozy little double bed called the “Gavind”…suits me fine.

  106. xTim Says:

    Hello, I m XTYMKE!

    nice. nice..

  107. Славянск-на-Кубани Says:

    Говно какое-то.

  108. Boris Says:

    Hi, am Boris but actually BJÖRIS the swedish bed :) See ya

  109. Вова Says:

    Нихуя не понятно чё в камментах пишут. Давайте по-русски пиздеть. Ладно?

  110. Anonymous Says:


  111. epsyl Says:

    I’m EPSVIL and I’m a chair!!!

  112. Андрей Says:


  113. Alex_MB Says:

    Не, ну это пиздец конечно.

  114. Dave Says:

    I came up as DAF, a three drawer dresser. I like the girl who did BOB though, I thought BOB would come back as NEIL. Heh.

  115. Tamara Says:

    I’m TÄMÃ…RKE, a bed! hahah))) Thank you for attention!

  116. Leif Says:

    Now I can put all my stuff I own in my SLEYF, isn’t it lovely?

  117. Taikun Says:

    Haha I’m ÄLEKSANTR, nice to meet you people =P

  118. Valerie Says:

    SVÄLLERI sounds more nicely than Valerie. Maybe I should change my name and become a swedish furniture

  119. Alexander Says:

    HAHA Nej vad b det här var.. :P

  120. KZOT Says:

    Great idea!

  121. vorzeitiger Says:

    Your Swedish Furniture Name Generator is very funny!!!
    I like it! :-)
    Best rerards, SVÖRZEYTIGERD

  122. Igor Says:

    I am IGÃ…RD and a table, albeit very cheap looking one…

  123. Erkki Says:

    erKKKi, a chest of drawers for red-neck beuty paraphernalia, hoods, burning crosses and beer.

  124. TOMMII Says:

    TOMMII, the swedish chair

  125. agentsas1 Says:

    Подскажите, как бороться с этим С П А М О М?

  126. Mipan Says:

    Hahaha this was so fun! I’m Mypanvik the pink little swedish desk. (I’m actually from Sweden )

  127. Sven Says:

    I thoght my name is swedish …. FAIL. Sven turns into SFFENBY and Iam NOT a bed but hoped so. Well this is double Fail. Just like the real Ikea-world :-) )

  128. LaRocca Says:

    LaRocca goes Schwedische Möbel…

    Ich soll lernen? Nein nein, viel wichtiger ist es doch herauszufinden, was für ein Ikea-Möbelstück ich wäre:

    "LaRocca" heißt in Schweden also "SLARAKSSA". Wer weiß, wo zu diese Info mal gut sein wird. …

  129. Umberto Says:

    I’m YMMBJERTO a plastic chair…mmm…makes me wonder…

  130. Edoardo Says:

    i’m edoardo….my name is EDDÖÅRDDO ^_^ i’m a bed -.-

  131. ÄNY Says:

    I’m ÄNY, a one night stand!! =]

  132. DOYY Says:

    DOYY, meaning: well duh, or in IKEA-language: bed, another one…

  133. elisabetta Says:

    looking for a chair essential and modern…..

  134. Daniel Says:

    Hi ‘m (Daniel=) DÃ…NNÄIL ["H22F8-9"] :D

  135. Gostixel Says:

    Да,несогласен с предыдущими ораторами
    ^..^ :-)

  136. bobrdobr Says:

    Nicy idea) with thanks!

  137. Antique Cabinets Says:

    Mine is Jaffet with two little point on top of the a, i like this little tool, i woild like to use on my blog.

  138. Christin Says:

    I’m SFRISJTIND, a chair from Germany!

    it’s so funny *big laugh* =)

  139. Konread Says:

    This funny generator:) My name is KÃ…NNRAD

  140. amistad Says:

    I`am Ana (the first A with dots) and I am a little desk.


  141. amistad Says:

    and now, my favourite name:

    KÖNSVYELLA (it. and esp. name CONSUELA)

    and Consuela is a chair.

  142. amistad Says:

    No, I slept with Antoni and Antoni is a deck, not a bed!

    but I didn`t sleep with him on a deck!

  143. amistad Says:

    on a DESK, of course ;-)

  144. amistad Says:

    and “DUPA” (”ass” in my language) is a chest of drawers.

  145. amistad Says:

    “faire amour” (to make love) is a bed (well done!) and in Ikeash SFÃ…YR ÄMMOUR

  146. Per Says:

    Very, very far away from anything Swedish-sounding, but still a bit funny.


  147. Stephanie Says:

    I am STJEFFÄNNI. I love that there is a J in my name.

  148. happy zombie Says:

    I love this! Best internet toy ever.


  149. ÄMBÖRD Says:

    ÄMBÖRD! A chair for all occasions!

  150. Schweden-Fan Says:

    This is really funny…

  151. Mogens Nielsen Says:

    Hmm. My name is Mogens……and when I am transformed to a chair, it is still mogens…….not so funny!

  152. LolPenis Says:

    This Rocks… or rather, TJYS ROKKS!

  153. fabrizio venezia Says:

    ….i’m SFABJRIZYO, a chair!!!! Sooooo nice, thanks from Italy!

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  155. Lizzie Babyy x Says:

    Lizzie Loves Corey – SLIZZY SLOSVES KÃ…RI

  156. nisse Says:

    the “this is humor” disclaimer is hilarious, being swedish I know it’s necessary :-D

    “(note: This is not intended to portray actual Swedish language in any way, so please don’t freak out if you’re Swedish. Yeah, we get it, it’s not actually Swedish. We know.)”

  157. Bitte was… Says:

    [...] Naja, was hat es damit auf sich? Ich habe mal wieder auf der Stöckchensuche etwas interessantes gefunden. Und zwar hier. [...]

  158. Mohammad Tokich Says:

    Lol I am MÃ…Ã…MMAD TOKYKKH. I cant even pronounce that ;)

  159. QUIZ: What’s your Swedish furniture name? – homelove Says:

    [...] For anyone who has sweated over the successful construction of an EXPEDIT book case, now you can see what your name would be as an Ikea peice of furniture. I am sorry – who can resist this? Click here to take the quiz…. [...]

  160. England Says:

    haha very funny. Now i’ve officially seen everything.

  161. Laura Newfarm Says:

    Hmm, Slarke, the sexy double bed!

  162. DÃ…NNIL Says:

    I’m DÃ…NNIL, a weird looking chair from sweden!

  163. JenL Says:

    While shopping in IKEA my friend’s husband and I were having a lot of fun making fun of the names-much to my friend’s chagrin. I remarked, “I bet if you made up a word and asked a sales person if they carried the item they wouldn’t even know it was made up.” So he decided to call the store from his cell phone. When they answered the phone and he asked for the made up item. They typed it into their computer and said, “We must not carry that item anymore.” My friend was so embarassed to be shopping with us :)

  164. Deirdre Saoirse Moen Says:

    I preferred the results from the first half of my last name, so I’m SÄOYRSV, a double bed!

  165. Kakan Says:

    Would be far more fun if the names were actual Swedish words and names……….. just saying.

    As a Swede I found this tragically boring.

  166. Erin Says:

    I Google Butter Cow and come across this site and see this on the sidebar… cool, because I just moved to Sweden to live with my boyfriend. Almost everything in our apartment is from IKEA, the real one from Sweden. :P

    Mine is Erind by the way… :( Doesn’t sound very Swedish to me. But I like my boyfriend’s: Ã…skkarvik. He’s Oskar.

  167. Orthopedic Bed Says:

    Well that certainly brought a smile to my face! Thanks.

  168. Carlie Says:

    This made my day. I hope you don’t mind, I just have to link to this page in my blog! :)

  169. The IKEA Infiltration « Headful Of Thumbs Says:

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  170. rachel Says:

    The name generator is cool my name came out like this RAKKEL

  171. Catherine Says:

    KATERINÃ…N…the bed of your dreams. No wonder I’m sleepy all the time! What a fun idea, thanks!

  172. SWEDISH NAME GENERATOR « Gevalia Says:

    [...] [...]

  173. just call me abjii | Beauty In The Everyday Says:

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