Foreign Grocery Store Adventures

July 27th, 2008 by timbotron

About every other month, my neighbor Kate and I will explore one of the many foreign grocery stores in our area. And we always come back with tons of random unidentifiable stuff. This month’s adventure: Daiso in Daly City, CA – it’s kind of like a Japanese Wal*Mart (everything in Daiso is $1.50).

What we brought back (each was only $1.50):

Japanese Barf Bags

Japanese Instant Inflatable Boobies
(Model: Kate)

Japanese Instant Swan Boner
(Model: Me. Note the creepy guy on the package)

Japanese Golden Nose with Blue Mucous
(model: Kate)

Update 9/3/08: Someone on Notcot has made a video of the inflatable boobs. Sweet!

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One Response to “Foreign Grocery Store Adventures”

  1. Dreydon Says:

    Wow, the inflatable breasts are hilarious, would there be any way you could send me some and i’ll pay you through paypal?

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