Santos 50¢

February 10th, 2009 by timbotron


A vending machine at Long’s Drugs in Prunedale, CA.

Only 50¢: Virgen de Guadalupe, Angel de la Guardia, San Francisco, Papa Juan Pablo, Santo Niño, San Juan Diego, San Judas, Maria Immaculada, San Antonio, Sagrado Corazon.

Fitty Cent Bonus Round:
A mustache vending machine

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3 Responses to “Santos 50¢”

  1. Heywood Says:

    What kind of a town name is Prunedale, anyways??

    And do you remember the vending machines with the little “Homies” action figures?

  2. Henchbot Says:

    i used to work next to a kitchen where all the cooks were white but not. They always made rhymes and threatened violence on each other as best they could, mostly stuff pulled off MTV Raps/Cribs. They handed out Homies as signs of danger and or respect. Calling cards of doom. I had quite a few of these given to me but i never asked what each one meant…I just nodded wisely.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment saying “hello”. I recently blogged about a similar vending machine find, and a reader directed me to your post for some more fun :)

    I like your blog!

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