Alien Stompers – 5 Months Too Late (or 150 Years Too Early)

March 3rd, 2009 by timbotron

Once again I’ve missed out on getting my hands on a decent pair of Reebok “Alien Stompers.”

Reebok “Alien Stompers” are the cool futuristic sneakers that Sigourney Weaver wore in the 1986 science fiction film “Aliens.”


1987: Reebok made a limited release of these sneakers. And I was too young and too broke to get my hands on them.

2003: They were re-released in a limited run (mostly in Japan). The best I could get were some brown suede ones. They’re cool, but you don’t really look like you’re ready to hand aliens their asses in these.

2007: Stupid “Freddy Kreuger” themed ones were released.

October 2008: Again, a limited-edition release of them (in Japan) with cool color mods. The stylish “space suit white” ones are by far the best. And they are nowhere to be found already. Too damn late, again. And that’s alright because I’m still broke and rent is more important than sneakers. Maybe.

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4 Responses to “Alien Stompers – 5 Months Too Late (or 150 Years Too Early)”

  1. jen Says:

    my friend is selling an original pair (the grey and red ones) for £150. they are probably going to go up on ebay. but she’s offering them to friends first. in the original box as well. UK size 6.

  2. Thierry Says:

    i got a original red/grey pair. My sister took them from the US in the 80’s to the Netherlands.
    I never wore them beceause i didn’t like them, thank god i saved them.
    Think i have to put them on ebay to, dont have the box and they are 98% new

  3. Hicks Says:

    @ thierry

    do you still have those sneaks or did you sell them?

    if you still have them id be keen to buy!

  4. John Eaton Says:

    I still own my original pair – US size 10.5. I bought them new. I was walking through the mall and saw this poster of Sigourney Weaver holding a shoe with an alien coming out of it and knew I had to have them (big Alien and scifi geek that I am). They’ve been sitting in my closet since the late 80s. From what I’ve heard they’re extremely rare, with a very low production run…

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