2009: The Year of the Finger-monocle

April 27th, 2009 by timbotron

2008 was “The Year of the Fingerstache.”

I proclaim 2009 to be “The Year of the Finger-monocle” (or thumbonocle).


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6 Responses to “2009: The Year of the Finger-monocle”

  1. Heywood Says:

    This is fantastic.

  2. RustyMember Says:

    Nice idea but shame you didn#t have the balls to get it tattooed

  3. hmm Says:

    By balls, did you mean stupidity?

  4. stachegurl Says:

    By balls, rusty member meant BALLS… that is awesome

  5. adr Says:

    no dude… it’s funny. but a tattoo. that’s fucking retarded

  6. 3countylaugh Says:

    I will “never” love anything more than the finger monocle.

    Dear finger monocle man I will now marry you if you are available. To leave behind the life of a scullery maid and to move in those enlightened circles of wealth and class to which I can only aspire and dream….

    Sorry, had a little Jane Austen stuck to my keyboard for a bit there…

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