20 Cool Things for Summer

June 19th, 2009 by timbotron


• The Camp Northstar or Camp Mohawk T-shirt – from the 1979 summercamp film “Meatballs” [link, link, and link].

• The Sterling Silver Typed Good Luck Token – like the old school penny arcade machines, add personalized text for $15 extra.

• The Golden Pull-Tab Necklace – perfect barbeque attire.

• The Traditional Miniature Squirtgun – a must-have for the Summer, always 99¢ and available everywhere.

• Super Slurper anodized aluminum Slurpee straws – for the professional Slurpee drinker, available at participating 7-Elevens this Summer.

• Meyer Lemon Lemonade – lemonade for the discerning drinker.

• Green Lawn Laptop Wallpapers – Summer on your screen [link, link, and link]

• Tahitian Gardenia Monoï Coconut Oil – perfect for the beach.

• Tovolo Popsicle Molds – think margarita, beer, melon, tangerine, or cola popsicles.

• Demeter Bonfire, Suntain Lotion, Spring Break, and Cut Grass Fragrances – smell like Summer.

• ‘Cool Hand Luke’ Bottle Opener Necklace – because nobody thinks you can eat 50 eggs.

• The Traditional Woven Aluminum Lawn Chair – awaiting fat asses and available everywhere.

• Squirt Gun Rings – colorful, stylish, and annoying.

• Dyeing Things with Cut Grass – like these experimental Converse All Stars.

• Ice Cream Truck mp3 Ringtones – for your cellphones, free and awesome.

• “Summer of Love” – by the B-52’s.

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