Where Can I Find One of These?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Anyone know where I can find a pizza vending machine around these parts?

Perhaps next to one of these??

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Gas Station Gourmet

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Gas Station Gourmet:
“I eat weird gas station food and then write about it.”

What is It?: Bug Fighting

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

This sport is common throughout several east and southeast Asian cultures, usually involving the large horned beetles of the Rhinoceros beetle subfamily (Dynastinae), whose members include the awesome Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules) and the Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma atlas). The large “horns” of the males are used for territorial fighting, where they will wrestle in an attempt to topple one another, until one submits, retreats, or is knocked-off a perch. Fighting these beetles is a popular gambling sport throughout Asia, from Thailand to Hong Kong (another link).

In Japan, collecting and fighting these beetles is common among boys – Rhinoceros beetles are easy pets to care for. These fighting pets are common enough in Japan that one can even buy Rhinoceros beetles from streetside vending machines (photo from the Photomann gallery of Japanese vending machines), and there are many Japanese toys and models that relate to Rhinoceros beetle collecting. Also, this practice is the likely origin of the Japanese game Pokémon, which gained world popularity in the late 1990’s, and which focuses on the collecting, husbandry, and fighting of supernatural creatures.

There are also dire “blood sport” forms of bug fighting, involving more dangerous insects, arachnids, and crustaceans – as seen on the website Japanese Bug Fights! (sadly, sometimes the matches end in fatalities).

Dr. Pepper

Monday, March 10th, 2008

This weekend, I found a local source for Dublin Dr. Pepper. Score!
For those of you who aren’t in-the-know: Dublin Dr. Pepper is the special original recipe Dr. Pepper, bottled in Dublin, Texas, and only available to people who are awesome. They use cane sugar, it adds a nice caramel note to the ‘Pepper.

Some interesting Dr. Pepper info:
• The company holds that Dr.Pepper is “a unique blend of 23 flavors” and that “the formula is proprietary information.” The fundamental flavors of Dr. Pepper are cherry and almond (amaretto). It is a spicy cherry-almond softdrink.

• Though it may have flavor notes similar to prune juice, it contains no prune juice, and never has.

• Because Dr. Pepper has figured so prominently in the pantheon of American softdrinks, it has been “cloned” dozens and dozens of times. There are entire online galleries of fake Dr. Peppers. The most well known clone being Mr. Pibb (by Coca-Cola).

• The late comedian Mitch Hedberg said it best:

“Mr. Pibb is a replica of Dr.Pepper. But it’s a bullshit replica – ‘cause the dude didn’t even get his degree. Why’d you have to drop-out and start making pop so soon?!”

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Only in California…

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

…would there be vending machines that sell marijuana. That’s right, Los Angeles, CA recently rolled out 2 herb-laden machines, where medical marijuana users can get access to the medicine they need, 24 hours a day.

Marijuana Vending MachineSay what you want to say about pot, but this is certainly interesting, and I will be curious to see how this experiment works out for all parties involved. Machines are ‘open’ for business 24 hours a day, and have security guarding them. Furthermore, potential consumers will have to check in and have prescriptions approved, have a photo and biometric fingerprint scan taken before making a purchase, and use a prepaid ‘credit’ card with dosage information pre-programmed in to prevent people buying more than their allotment.

Patients can buy 3.5 or 7 grams, up to 1 oz. a week, in 5 strains “including OG Cush and Granddaddy Purple, the mildly hallucinogenic forebear to Prince.” Perhaps we will see some of these products in vending machines in the future?

As one poster astutely asked, “Is there to be a regular vending machine next to the marijuana machine to cure the resulting munchies?” Another poster replied, “That’s a fantastic idea– this way they can sell Doritos for $20 a bag!” Simpy Classic.

(Thanks Steve; via Thrillist)

Urban Non-Legends: Japanese Vending Machines That Sell (Pre-Worn) Underwear

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

This one is true. Even though we all wish it wasn’t.

In Japan, there are vending machines that sell underwear. Schoolgirls’ underwear. Previously worn and unwashed schoolgirls’ underwear.
Yes – an entire industry of trading-in the day’s underwear for a new pair. And underwear sold with a photo of the underwearer can fetch a higher price. The almighty Snopes has a nice article on this subject, which they report to be true.


Lost In Translation

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

This is too juvenile to not post on Blogadilla.

A friend recently returned from her jaunt to Tokyo where she picked up a pack of Camel’s from a vending machine.

Nutty Menthol

With the Japanese/English translation being so incredibly difficult it makes you wonder what languages Americans butcher on our own exports.